XRP At $33 And XLM At $6.5: One Analyst’s Long-Running Prediction Of A Surge

XRP price predictions have not slowed down and one crypto analyst in particular has continued to double down on their forecast that the digital asset could be gearing up for a massive rally. This analysis was done alongside another cryptocurrency, Stellar Lumens (XLM), both of which analyst @CryptoBilbuwoo believe are set to break previous all-time high records.

A Two-Part Forecast For XRP And XLM

The crypto analyst’s forecasts go as far back as January 2023, which, if anything, shows a high level of conviction in the price prediction. In the latest iteration of quoting their previous forecast on the X (formerly Twitter) platform, CryptoBilbuwoo has once again presented bull cases for both XRP and XLM.

In the forecast, the crypto analyst points to a golden cross in the charts of both of these digital assets. This golden cross has often been bullish for cryptocurrencies but the analyst expects a massive run once it gets underway.

The last time the golden cross appeared for both of these cryptocurrencies was back in 2017 which resulted in a rally for both of them. Using this historical performance, the analyst predicts an over 6,500% price surge for both assets.

At the top of the forecast, the analyst says that the XLM price could rise as high as $6.5 from its current level of around $0.1. As for XRP, they forecast a rise to $26-$33 once the rally is done. The upper end of this would see the XRP price rise over 6,500% at the very top.

XRP price chart from Tradingview.com (Crypto analyst XLM)

Tone price makes its way toward $0.5 | Source: XRPUSD on Tradingview.com

Following Previous Forecasts

CryptoBilbuwoo’s recent forecast aligns closely with their previous forecast about the XRP price. A September 17 post on X saw the crypto analyst put the digital asset’s price as high as $589, but interestingly, the $26-$33 level is also highlighted in this previous chart.

Given this, it seems the crypto analyst’s latest forecast is expanding on price action expected before the predicted meteoric rise to $589. Also, the addition of XLM shows that the analyst expects a very similar price action for both assets.

This analyst is not the only one to put the price of XRP above $500. In September, a Wells Fargo Business Development Manager, Shannon Thorp, made headlines for her incredibly bullish forecast for the altcoin. Thorp theorized that as Ripple captured a larger share of the cross-border payments sector, the XRP price could rise as high as $500.

Although this is a very high price level given that XRP is only trading at $0.49, the conviction among numerous analysts that the price could reach triple-digits has been astounding. Another analyst known as XRP Captain on X also predicted that the Altcoin’s price could rise to $130.

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