Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter Falls Prey to Phishers

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In an alarming turn of events, Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder, found his official Twitter account under siege. When a suspicious link popped up in one of his tweets, it immediately raised alarms, indicating a potential phishing attempt.

Vitalik Buterin

Buterin’s Father Showed His Concern

Dmitry Buterin, the father of the crypto pioneer, took to the social media platform on September 9 to alert the community about the unauthorized access to Vitalik’s account. The mentioned tweet has since vanished from the platform. The content of this now-deleted tweet saw an enthusiastic Buterin hinting at “Proto-Danksharding” coming to Ethereum. Thankfully, it seems that the team regained control of the Twitter account quickly and took the necessary measures to secure it.

Tracing the Hackers’ Steps

Sources claim that the cyber assailants propagated a deceptive tweet, misleading users with the promise of a unique NFT from Consensys to celebrate Ethereum’s “Proto-Danksharding” milestone. Notably, PeckShieldAlert quickly identified and flagged the phishing URL.

Unfortunately, such incidents are becoming all too common in the digital currency space, with cybercriminals frequently targeting it. In July, a similar breach affected Hayden Adams, the mastermind of Uniswap, compromising his Twitter account. A deep dive into Buterin’s previous tweets reveals active partnerships on blockchain privacy, particularly his collaborative research with Ameen Soleimani.

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