Top Crypto Trader Buys These 2 Memecoins

Memecoins are once making waves in the crypto market. In the last 24 hours, 4 of the 10 best-performing cryptocurrencies in the top 100 are meme coins. The biggest gainers include BONK (+10.2%), PEPE (+4.8%), WIF (+4.7%) and FLOKI (+4.1%). With meme coins slowly regaining, crypto traders are seemingly focusing on lesser-known coins.

Top Crypto Trader Focuses On These 2 Memecoins

According to data from on-chain analysis service Lookonchain, the renowned crypto trader known as “paulo.sol” has been making significant moves into new memecoin territories. Paulo.sol, who has previously amassed substantial profits from meme coins like BONK, WIF, and BODEN, is now shifting his focus to acquiring significant stakes in PUPS and POPCAT.

Lookonchain’s recent posts on X (formerly Twitter) provide a deep dive into paulo.sol’s past and present investment patterns. “What a legend! Paulo.sol has realized profits of $9.51M on WIF, $7.04M on BODEN, and $6.28M on BONK,” Lookonchain tweeted. In total, the crypto trader has made $22 million in realized profits.

The posts further reveal that paulo.sol bought into BONK early in November 2023, capturing substantial gains as its value surged. “As early as Nov 11, 2023, paulo.sol noticed the rising of BONK and bought BONK. He made ~$6.28M by buying BONK at low prices and selling at high,” the data provider stated.

The crypto trader continued his strategy by investing in WIF and BODEN in December 2023 and March 2024, respectively, following their sharp price increases. Notably, “paulo.sol did not buy WIF and BODEN when they first went online, but paid attention to and bought heavily when they first rose sharply,” Lookonchain observes.

As of now, paulo.sol continues to hold 12.87 million BODEN tokens valued at approximately $7.6 million and 1.87 million WIF tokens worth around $5.7 million. However, his most recent activities show a pivot towards new meme coins, PUPS and POPCAT, sparking interest among investors and analysts alike.

Lookonchain noted, “We noticed that paulo.sol is buying PUPS and POPCAT recently. He spent $1.77M to buy 4.3M POPCAT at $0.42 today. And he has spent $5.97M to buy 101,712 PUPS at $59 since Apr 11, becoming the largest holder of PUPS on Solana.”

The impact of paulo.sol’s investment has been palpable in the market dynamics of the newly favored meme coins. Despite a general downturn in the memecoin sector, POPCAT’s price surged by 52% today, trading at approximately $0.51 with a trading volume increase of 51% to $166 million. Over the past nine days, POPCAT has risen a whopping 410%.

On the other hand, PUPS is seeing a price drop of 4.2% today, trading at $36.96, with a 27% fall in trading volume to $2.82 million. Since reaching an all-time high above $152 on April 14 (on Coinex), the PUPS price is down more than 78%.

PUPS price
PUPS price, 4-hour chart | Source: PUPSUSD on

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