Ripple job posting hints at possible IPO, XRP community says

The fintech company Ripple released a new job posting on Oct. 16 for the role of ‘Shareholder Communications Senior Manager,’ across multiple locations in and outside the United States. The job posting prompted many crypto enthusiasts to label it as an official hint about the company’s plans to go public.

The job posting outlines that the role will require a direct line of communication with shareholders- a concept generally associated with publicly traded companies. The chosen candidate would be responsible for developing and putting into action communication and relationship management strategies for “existing and prospective investors, current shareholders, and financial analysts,” a role associated with companies eyeing public debut.

The job description emphasizes the necessity for the candidate to create strategic plans specifically suited for situations like “M&A, investments, liquidity events, and other high-impact moments.”

The Senior Shareholder Communications Manager role includes creating investor-focused materials like “presentations, fact sheets, case studies, and analyses.” Such papers serve to enlighten and educate potential investors about the company’s prospects and performance, making them a necessary component of the initial public offering (IPO) preparation process. The responsibilities of this post also include maintaining a shareholder database and managing routine communications like quarterly updates.

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Many XRP proponents and the pro-Ripple community on X (formerly Twitter) are referring to the job posting as a possible hint that there may be an IPO. Some key executives from the company have also alluded to the possibility that Ripple might go public but haven’t given any indication of timing.

The crypto-focused payment company recently has been in the limelight owing to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s lawsuit against the issuance of the crypto token XRP. Ripple scored a major win in the lawsuit earlier in July when a judge in the case ruled that XRP is not a security in terms of sale on digital asset exchanges.

Ripple key executives have maintained that even though the SEC lawsuit has cost them a ton of business opportunities in the U.S., a majority of their remittances businesses lie outside America.

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