Justin Sun Grabs Nearly Half Of Deposits In Liquid Staking Protocol

Tron founder Justin Sun has once again sent ripples through the cryptocurrency world with a hefty deposit into a liquid restaking protocol. This move puts Sun squarely in the center of a booming DeFi niche: liquid staking.

Justin Sun: A Champion For Liquid Staking?

Sun, known for his fondness for Ethereum-based currencies, deposited a staggering 120,000 eETH (around $376 million) into Swell L2, a relatively new player in the liquid restaking arena. This single deposit makes up a whopping 46.6% of all funds Swell L2 has ever received.

While some might see this as a purely financial move, Sun has recently downplayed profit motives. He positions himself as an advisor to these platforms, emphasizing the potential of liquid staking to become a global revenue stream for institutions and a boon for the crypto community as a whole.

Sun envisions a future where staking and restaking become mainstream, allowing international companies to reinvest profits and support developers and users. This collaborative ecosystem, he believes, would foster prosperity throughout the crypto space.

Whether Sun was referring specifically to Swell L2 or the entire liquid staking landscape remains unclear. However, his significant deposit suggests he might be putting his money where his mouth is.

Bitcoin is now trading at $65.369. Chart: TradingView

Liquid Staking: Riding The DeFi Wave

Ethereum’s staking system, while offering rewards for holding ETH, restricts access to those funds until the network transitions to Proof-of-Stake 2.0. Liquid staking protocols like Swell L2 offer a solution by issuing derivative tokens (eETH in this case) that represent staked assets. These tokens can then be freely traded, allowing users to enjoy staking rewards without locking up their holdings.

This innovation has fueled the rise of liquid staking platforms. Lido and EigenLayer, both built on Ethereum, are prime examples. EigenLayer, launched just recently, has already captured the number two spot among Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols with a Total Value Locked (TVL) of nearly $16 billion. Lido, the current leader, boasts a TVL of nearly $30 billion.

Rising Interest In Staking Alternatives

EigenLayer’s meteoric rise underscores the surging interest in staking alternatives. Justin Sun’s sizable deposit in Swell L2 could be a signal of more to come, with big players recognizing the potential of this rapidly evolving DeFi sector.

The hefty deposit made by Justin Sun is undeniably a shot in the arm for Swell L2, propelling the young protocol into the spotlight. However, a closer look reveals some lingering questions.

The narrative surrounding the move often overlooks potential drawbacks inherent to liquid staking. These include the ever-present threat of smart contract exploits and the inherent volatility of derivative tokens like eETH. Both factors can significantly impact investor returns.

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